"Transistor" Postcard art! 

Cover of my next fanzine, based on my OCs. It will be available at the Harajuku festival in Paris. ^^


A preview of my next fanzine (the Monster and Kami Factory), about my OCs. It will be available at Harajuku French festival. :)

Just a fanart of Aomine. ;)

Bye bye Delsin. ;)

Japan Expo is over, but I still have a lot of work:

fantomefumee convinced me to make a sketchbook and illustrations about my OCs, and release it in september (ha ha ha!! it won’t be easy because I only can draw on my free time XP). So I will have to slow down playing video games… Sniff. 

@ keiden : Merci ! ^^

I am not yet determined to eat the totoro brioche I got at Japan Expo. It is too cute. :3

@ keiden : Cool ! Ca me fait plaisir qu’il te plaise. :) Oui, bien vu pour le shikishi ! j’ai réussi à l’avoir. :D